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Brock Family

Growing up in a family electrical contracting business taught me at an early age the excitement around owning a business.  When you are the grandson of the business founder, and your dad is in the business it is easy to enjoy the upside of business ownership.  I learned a lot about construction, Chicago unions, and worked in all aspects of the business.  In fact, I loved it so much that I went on my own when I was 31.

When you go out on your own, you find that starting a business it is a little more interesting then when you are the third generation working in the family business.  There are a million things to learn and a lot of speed bumps along the way.  

To help owners go through that, we launched a business coaching company under ActionCOACH.  14 years later I wanted to start something new and we brought on Mosquito Joe (by the way if you have mosquitoes, we can help with that as well 😊).

Growing up, my dad (Bill Brock) was a great guy that had zero mechanical skills.  Because of that, as a kid, I picked up just less than 0 mechanical skills.  As we looked to add a new business, I thought that it was important to learn something mechanical.  After looking at the demographics (age of existing professionals, lifecycle of the product) plumbing started to intrigue me.  So, 18 months ago I enrolled in the evening professional program at GTCC.  I did not realize at the time it was four nights a week (my wife Jen didn’t seem to mind) and I knocked out the plumbing certificate.

So welcome to Plumbing Joe.  We are focused on making sure that you get the best use of your time by showing up when we say we will, doing the work properly and quickly and standing by the repair or replacement.  

We look forward to getting to know and working with you.

- The Brocks

E - sbrock@plumbingjoe.com

P - 336.707.2796

3820 North Elm, Suite 101 Greensboro 27455